Guernsey Cove Parlour Productions has produced more than 120 new recordings by Island artists since 1992.


Donald Small

  • Salt Walter Town [GCP-125] - 2023

Dianne MacDonald

  • Seasons of My Youth [GCP-124] - 2023

M G Field

  • Look Ahead [GCP-123] - 2022

Jeanie & Charles

  • Regarding Brookfield [GCP-122] - 2022

Gordon Belsher

  • Aging Gratefully [GCP-121] - 2020 MUSIC PEI 2022 Nominee

Todd MacLean

  • Long John June [GCP-116] - 2018 MUSIC PEI 2019 Nominee

Richard Wood

  • Unbroken [GCP-115] - 2018 2019 ECMA WINNER! "Instrumental Album of the Year"                                  - CANADIAN FOLK MUSIC AWARDS 2020 Nominee  - MUSIC PEI 2019 Triple Nominee

Guernsey Cove Family

Lonnie Atkinson

  • Love's Greatest Gift [GCP-120] - 2019
  • Hope, Heart & Home [GCP-117] - 2018

Brad Fremlin

  • (Remastered) [GCP-119] - 2018

Franklin MacDonald

  • Ministry in Music [GCP-113] - 2017

Julia Dunn

  • When Christmas Comes to Town [GCP-112] - 2015

Courtney Hogan-Chandler

  • Holy Night [GCP-111] - 2015

Various Artists

  • Deep Roots in Red Dirt [GCP-108] - 2014

Gordon Belsher

Various Artists

  • Believing in Anne [GCP-092] - 2008 To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the original publication of Lucy Maud Montgomery's novel Anne of Green Gables. Features Richard Wood, Jenn Grant, Mark Haines, Nancy White, and Jolee Patkai.

Doug Riley

Previous Award Winners & Nominees


Corey Poirier

  • Evil Anthems [GCP-105] - 2014.  MUSIC PEI 2015 Nominee

Tim Archer

  • Emotional & Inspirational [GCP-104] - 2013.  MUSIC PEI 2014 & 2015 Nominee

Eddy Quinn

  • Rememory [GCP-103] - 2012. MUSIC PEI 2013 WINNER!

Harold Noye

  • Dusty Roads [GCP-102] - 2011 A fine collection of 14 favourites from the mainstay of the Island bluegrass group "Jericho Road" - MUSIC PEI 2012 Nominee

Johnny Oliver

  • She's Gonna Love Me [GCP-100] - 2011 Third CD of country originals from Summerside's Johnny Oliver along with his daughters Dallas and Dakota.  Also features Danny McNevin on guitar, Nathan Condon on fiddle, Carl Cormier on drums, and Todd MacLean on sax. - MUSIC PEI 2012 & 2013 Nominee

Richard Woodnid%3D268%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3Dpopup

  • A Change of Reasons [GCP-098] - 2009 Features J.P. Cormier on guitar. Bonus 2nd disc includes cuts from Richard's 5 previous CD's.  MUSIC PEI 2011 WINNER!, 2011 ECMA Nominee


Scott MacAulaynid%3D282%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3Dpopup

  • Great Scott! [GCP-096] - 2009 Tribute to the late director of the College of Piping in Summerside.  Double CD featuring one disc of previously unreleased solo piping, plus a compilation of a lifetime of achievement and artistry.  MUSIC PEI 2010 WINNER!

Johnny Oliver

  • I'm Not Up For Sale [GCP-097] - 2009 Follow up CD with 12 new country originals from Summerside's Johnny Oliver along with his daughters Dallas and Dakota.  Nominated for 2 PEI MUSIC AWARDS

Jace Patkai

  • Bing Bang Bong [GCP-090] - 2008 Debut album for this up and coming young singer songwriter. Includes "Cashier (A Little Bit o' Lying)" selected as a finalist at the International Songwriting Competition.

Glen MacEachern

  • Feeling the Rhythm [GCP-084] - 2007 PEIMA Nominee Piano stylings of old time favourites, and some original vocal songs as well. Guest musicians include Ivan Hicks, Serge Bernard, Todd MacLean, Alan Dowling, George Docherty, Katherine Murley, Keila Glydon, Gordon Belsher, and a wonderful children's chorus including Glen's own granddaughters.

Jolee Patkai

  • Shore Rhapsody [GCP-079] - 2007 PEIMA Nominee Long overdue, this "gentle" collection from one of PEI's best kept secrets includes some original material as well as covers of classics "There Goes My Everything", Floyd Cramer's "Last Date", and Patsy Cline's "Crazy".


  • Saxafras [GCP-083] - 2007 PEIMA double Nominee Quirky collection of contemporary jazz pieces, Scottish airs, and pop gems from a trio consisting of Savannah Belsher on vocals, Todd MacLean on saxophone, and Gordon Belsher on guitar and vocals.

Gordon Belsher


  • Second Nature [GCP-074] - 2006 ECMA Nominee
    2005 WINNER PEI Music Awards "Bluegrass Recording of the Year."
  •  First Impression [GCP-064] - 2005 ECMA Nominee
    2004 PEIMA WINNER in several categories including "Album of the Year"

Cynthia MacLeod

  • Head Over Heels [GCP-053] - 2002 PEIMA - WINNER in several categories including "Album of the Year"

Eddy Quinn

  • Outside of Sneakers Lounge [GCP-073] - 2005 & 2006 WINNER PEI Music Awards "Male Vocalist of the Year"
    2006 PEIMA WINNER "Country Recording of the Year"
    2006 ECMA Nominee

Fiddlers' Sons

  • Eagles Fly [GCP-063] - 2004 WINNER PEI Music Awards "Roots/Traditional Album of the Year".

The Girls and Boys of Bedlamb

  • Songs for Sharing [GCP-055] - 2004 ECMA Nominee "Children's Album of the Year". Teresa Doyle's children's choir.

Jericho Road

  • He Lifted Me Up [GCP-067] - 2004 WINNER of PEIMA "Gospel Artist/Group of the Year" - multiple 2005 PEIMA Nominee
  • Send the Light [GCP-041] - 2000 ECMA Nominee
  • Confederation Bridge [GCP-035] - 1998 ECMA Nominee

Jocelyne MacDonald

  • Rustic Treasures [GCP-065] - 2004 PEIMA Nominee "Roots/Traditional Album of the Year"

Julain Molnar

  • Lullabies for a Sleepless World [GCP-080] - 2006 PEIMA Nominee "Female Vocalist of the Year", "New Artist Recording of the Year". Charlottetown Festival actress who mesmerized audiences in "Canada Rocks!" as well as "Anne of Green Gables". Includes her show stopping version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah".

Peter MacDougall

  • Pour Out Your Spirit [GCP-070] - 2005 PEIMA Nominee "Spiritual Recording of the Year". Peter's second CD of uplifting music featuring a stellar cast of guest backup musicians including Doug Riley and Richard Wood!

Jamie MacKay

  • The Great Beyond [GCP-039] - 2000 ECMA Nominee

Kevin MacKay

  • Something More [GCP-072] - 2006 PEIMA Nominee "Spiritual Recording of the Year" - original music from Maritime Christian Artist Kevin MacKay

Sheila MacKenzie

  • Sheila MacKenzie [GCP-058] - 2003 PEIMA  WINNER "Roots/Traditional Recording", 2003 PEIMA Nominee "Instrumental Recording"

Maria McDougall & Allison Ling

  • Wake the Affections [GCP-057] - 2003 PEIMA Nominee "Roots/Trad Recording"

The College of Piping

  • Ancestral Voices Celtic Christmas [GCP-022] - 1996 ECMA Nominee (first for Guernsey Cove).
  • Visit the College of Piping's website.

The Durty Nellies

  • August Moon [GCP-066] - 2004 PEIMA Nominee "Roots/Traditional Album of the Year"

All in Good Time

  • Cliffs of Fire [GCP-056] - 2003 PEIMA Nominee "Roots/Trad Recording"

from the Parlour

Volume I

  • ...from the Parlour...a Prince Edward Island collection [GCP-049] - ECMA Winners & Nominees from PEI.

Volume II

  • from the Parlour too...a Prince Edward Island ceilidh [GCP-071]

Special Projects

Doug Hall

2004 Special Olympics - Winter Games Anthem

  • Just Watch Me / Je m' envole [GCP-060] - Composed by G. Belsher/R. Pelletier

Richard Wood

  • O Canada [GCP-093] - 2008 New version of the Canadian national anthem with an East Coast flavour.

Charlottetown Police Choir

  • Celtic Cure [GCP-044] - 2000 A fabulous fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society from Charlottetown's renowned Police Choir. Also features cuts by Liz Rigney, Rawlins Cross, the Irish Descendants, Dave Gunning, the Fables, Great Big Sea, Lennie Gallant, and Richard Wood.

The College of Piping

  • Highland Storm [GCP-081] - 2006 Cast recording of the stage production which is featured at the College's amphitheatre during the summer.
  • Sessions [GCP-059] - 2003 Includes a refreshing new version of "Amazing Grace" featuring Patricia Murray.
  • Ancestral Voices ...Across the Sea [GCP-014] - 1994
  • Ancestral Voices [GCP-006] - 1992

DK Ibomeka

  • Demo with Doug Riley [GCP-088] - 2007 - Doug's last recording before his untimely passing.

Doug Riley

  • Piano Hymns [GCP-082] - 2006 Solo piano from Canada's "Dr. Music". Released out of Toronto as part of "The Niagara Music Collection".

Half Strung

  • Half Strung [GCP-087] - 2007 - Debut album for this Moncton based quartet. Recorded in their home studio and mastered by Guernsey Cove Parlour Productions.

Glen MacEachern

  • The Five Sisters of Lavender Lane [GCP-084A] - 2007

MRHS Vocal Ensembles

  • Montague High School Choirs [GCP-086] - 2007

S'side Presbyterian Pipe Band / 2004 Reunion Band

  • Hector the Hero [GCP-069] - 2004 (Limited Edition)

La Belle Alliance

  • Port La Joye [GCP-007] - 1992

Various Artists

  • Chamber Music [GCP-062] - 2003 A compilation of previously recorded tracks from Eastern PEI artists. This is a scholarship fundraiser for PEI's Southern Kings and Queens Chamber of Commerce.


Other Albums


Johnny Oliver

  • The Reason [GCP-091] - 2008 PEI Music Awards Nominee Debut album from this Summerside country artist. All original songs, and includes his daughters Dallas and Dakota.

A Joyful Sound

  • The Joyful Sounds of Christmas [GCP-089] - 2007
  • The Sea and the Soil [GCP-047] - 2000

Kay Arsenault

  • Through the Years [GCP-106] - 2014
  • You Are My Sunshine [GCP-099] - 2011

Annabelle Brehaut and Laurie Blue

  • Treasured Memories [GCP-046] - 2000

Anders Balderston

  • The Anchor Holds [GCP-037] - 1998

Gordon Belsher

Boys in the Kitchen

  • Where's the Party? [GCP-029] - 1996
  • Courtin' [GCP-045] - 2000

Stephanie Cadman

  • unleashed [GCP-076] - 2005 Debut recording for Stephanie Cadman, multi-talented fiddler, dancer, singer, actress who starred in the Charlottetown Festival's hit "Celtic Blaze" (2006).

Urban Carmichael

  • I Couldn't Make it to Your I Sent My Tape! [GCP-005] - 1992
  • Scatter My Ashes [GCP-017] - 1994
  • Wanted Live! [GCP-028] - 1996
  • Come From the Heart [GCP-042] - 2000

Kenny Chaisson

  • Dance to Your Tune [GCP-034] - 1997

Gary Chipman

  • The Fiddler [GCP-016] - 1994

La Cuisine à Mémé

  • 1992 at Le Village [GCP-011] - 1992

Anita Curran

  • Come With Me Into the Fields [GCP-036] - 1997

Kendall Docherty

  • When a Child is Born [GCP-040] - 1999
  • There's a Light [GCP-032] - 1997
  • The River [GCP-027] - 1996

Dunromin Duo (Harold Noye & Vans Bryant)

  • Making Plans [GCP-052] - 2002

Eastern Kings Chorus

  • Born Neath a Star [GCP-003] - 1990

George Docherty

  • Memories [GCP-078] - 2006 Includes CFCY recording of George at age 5, as well as collaborations with his family and long time musical friends.


  • Garden by the Meadow [GCP-021] - 1995
  • Red Island Shale [GCP-010] - 1992

Emma Gallant

  • This Moment With You [GCP-095] - 2009 Debut album for this young pop country singer songwriter from Morell

Gordon Gallant

  • ...all my Saturday nights... [GCP-075] - 2006 First studio production for this 60 year veteran of PEI's music scene. Also features his daughter Maxine MacLennan on three cuts.

Kim Gould

  • Just About Now [GCP-026] - 1996

Beth (Havill) Harris & Ron Harris

  • Chosen [GCP-061] - 2003

Jar O'Comfort

  • Preserved [GCP-013] - 1993
  • Sea to Sea [GCP-009] - 1992
  • Scatter the Mud! [GCP-002] - 1990
  • Surrounded by Water [GCP-001] - 1988

Jericho Road

  • The Vision [GCP-048] - 2000
  • Jericho Road [GCP-023] - 1995

Nils Ling

  • Half Truths [GCP-038] - 1998

Scott MacAulay

  • The World's Greatest Pipers Vol. 14 [GCP-031] - 1996 (Unreleased)

Peter MacDougall

  • Something That YOU Wanted [GCP-054] - 2002

Elaine MacLeod

  • The Pages of Time [GCP-030] - 1996

Mary Lou MacLure

  • Island Flavour [GCP-018] - 1995
  • The Master's Bouquet [GCP-025] - 1996

Alan Molyneaux

  • Stealing the Blarney [GCP-004] - 1991

Marlane O'Brien

  • Imagine That! [GCP-020] - 1995

Michael O'Connor

  • That Fair Gentle Land [GCP-008] - 1992

The Schurmans

  • Decaffeinated [GCP-033] - 1997

Trinity Troubadours

  • Trinity Troubadours [GCP-015] - 1994 featuring Douglas Miller, Christopher Eaton, & Patricia Murray

David Weale

  • An Island Christmas Reader [GCP-024] - 1995


  • The Millennium Concert [GCP-051] - 2001 featuring Marlane O'Brien, Virginia O'Brien, & Judi McLaren


  • Where No One Stands Alone - Volume One [GCP-109] - 2015
  • Where No One Stands Alone - Volume Two [GCP-110] - 2015


Celtic Ladies


DK Ibomeka

Kim Gould

MacDonald Sisters

Kris Taylor


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