One hundred years after its first publication, the book "Anne of Green Gables" by Lucy Maud Montgomery has inspired five world class East Coast recording artists to revisit the story and create a musical vision relevant to today.  Wistful, funny, romantic, and calming, these songs, like Anne herself, inspire us to live life fully!  Each artist also presents their own interpretation of one of the well loved pieces from the stage musicals "Anne" or "Anne & Gilbert".  Features Richard Wood, Jenn Grant, Mark Haines, Nancy White, and Jolee Patkai.

Recording Produced by Gordon Belsher




Track list:

  1.  Use Your Imagination - Richard Wood

  2.  Carried Away by Love - Jenn Grant

  3.  Red Haired Girl - Mark Haines

  4.  When He Was My Beau - Nancy White

  5.  Ode to Anne - Jolee Patkai

  6.  Come Home Soon - Jenn Grant

  7.  Overture from "Anne" - Richard Wood

  8.  All You Can Do is Wait - Mark Haines

  9.  Avonlea - Nancy White

10.  Anne of Green Gables - Jolee Patkai