©Eddie Baird

Come, I’ll take you to town with me for to see the fine weaver of words
Come and take a walk down with me for to see all the things you have heard
    For the road is short but tiring, and the morning is warm and new
Come, I’ll take you to town with me if the company pleases you

Peasant ladies and gentlemen will come to spend the day
Gather trinkets as they dance and frolic on their way
    “Will ye buy, will ye buy my oranges, will you buy from me my friend?
Won’t you buy from a lady if you have some silver to spend?”

Salty fisherman you are the pride of all you know
Who’s your fancy with today, what prize have you to show?
    Well, I’ll give the biggest catch my friend that ever spread the floor
If yours is not the fairest face I’ve ever seen before