Ron Hynes


Sonny lives on a farm on a wide open space

Where you can take off your sneakers and give up the race

And you can lay down your head by a sweet riverbed

Sonny always remembers what it was his mama said



Sonny don't go away, I am here all alone

And your daddy's a sailor, and he never comes home

And the nights get so long, and the silence goes on

And I'm feelin' so tired, I'm not all that strong


Sonny carries a load, he is barely a man

There ain't all much to do, but he does what he can

And he watches the sea from a room by the stairs

And the waves keep on rolling, they've done that for years


And it's a hundred miles to town, Sonny's never been there

And he goes to the highway, and he stands there and stares

And the mail comes at four, and the mailman is old

But he's still dreamin' dreams full of silver and gold


Sonny's dreams can't be real, they're just stories he's read

They're just stars in his eyes, they're just dreams in his head

And he's hungry inside for the wild world outside

And I know I can't help him, though I've tried and I've tried and I've tried