©Stephen Sharratt, Gordon Belsher, Charlene Belsher

When the sun sparkles over the ocean
And the meadows awake with the dew
We will all sing a song of the sea and the soil
And drink in the wonder of you

When the moon shivers on your horizon,
Or a mackerel sky gleaming blue
When the heron remembers its ancient call
It’s then I’m in wonder of you

    Listen to the Isle, listen to your soul
    Listen to the rolling sea
    Fire in my spirit, thunder in my heart
    This is home to me

When the mist cloaks the trees in your forest
And the dust warms over the fields
When the rain gives the earth such a sweet scent
It’s then I’m in wonder of you

While we toast to your harvest, in tribute
The fall paints a magical hue
With the frost comes a wild nor’easter
And still I’m in wonder of you


Oh the snow glitters bright like diamonds
On a February full moon night
With the kids tucked in bed, the fire glowing red
I’m alive with the wonder of you