©Allan Rankin

Oh they say on the Island potato is king
They load them on freighters, the wharf lines they sing
Ah, but I know another who's kingdom abounds
They call him "Jack Frostbump", he's always around

Singin' "Slow down, boys, beware!"
Rough pavement, rough pavement slow down and beware
In springtime the potholes occur everywhere
That black roller coaster will kill me I swear
You could scramble and egg
Count your change in mid air
On rough pavement, boys beware!

Now they put Jimmy Snowie to work on the road
To test the hot ashphalt and to count up the load
He'd make a sharp foreman if only he would
Stop taking the flag girls on tours in the woods!

(Repeat Chorus)

Well there's old Kerry Thompson, he survived the Great War
In Belgium and Flanders in the infantry corps
But when he takes his Pontiac out in the spring
He swears he's right back in the trenches again!

(Repeat Chorus)

Now I drove to the mainland the first of the week
But the roads are so smooth there, they put me to sleep
My wife's not accustomed to such a smooth trip...
So we pulled the car over and we followed the ditch!