©E. Lane, J. Frenken

I wake up in the morning with the dawning
My mind is damp and foggy as the dew
I look across the fields to find
The flowers growing there are mine
And all the world is shining bright and new

So come and see the red clay of my Island
That bursts in bloom before it's even spring
The days are warm, the nights are cool,
You'll find there's fish in every pool,
And you can hear a thousand robins sing

This is my Island and it's good for love
It's good for anyone you care to bring
This is my Island, Prince Edward Island
It's good for love, and every growing thing

Sitting on my doorstep in the twilight
This is where I know I want to be
I take my rest at end of day
With moonlight splashing on the bay
As I gaze across the headlands to the sea

From afar I hear the waves a-pounding
Crashing and then dying on the shore
Memories of the olden days
When schooners sailed in quiet bays
Remind me I won't leave here anymore

(Repeat Chorus)