©David Mallett & Jon Vezner

There’s a new “superstore” on the outside of town
    It’s the very first thing that you see
The people are comin’ from miles around
    ‘Cause the merchants on Main can’t compete
They’ve got records and rugs, groceries and drugs
    On acres of cold concrete floor
And when I walked in my head started to spin
    I forgot what I came in for

And I miss Main Street, where everyone knew you by name
And I miss Main Street, my how this little town’s changed
    There’s no stopping it, I guess it’s all part of progress
    Trading the old for the new
And I miss Main Street, what in the world is this world coming to?

Now the old movie house is all boarded up
    Just waitin’ to be torn down
Between the new mall and the damn wrecking ball
    They’re making short work of my town
And folks these days just spend their pay
    In a discount atmosphere
And nobody knows where the money all goes
    But none of it stays around here


And I used to love this town
    When I was just a kid
If only you could see it now
    The way that I once did