From the archives!  A collection that was compiled in 1993 from two "Jar O'Comfort" cassette recordings - "Surrounded by Water" and "Scatter the Mud!". 

Featuring Charlene & Gordon Belsher along with Steve Sharratt.

Special price - $10!


Track List:

  1. Nellie J. Banks

  2. Sailor's Hornpipe / Big John MacNeill / Devil's Dream

  3. The Nightingale

  4. Thank God We're Surrounded by Water

  5. All the Way to Cardigan

  6. Rough Pavement

  7. Twelve Weeks of Workin'

  8. Ballad of the St. Anne's Reel

  9. Four Marys

10. Jigs:  Paddy O'Brien's

                 Scatter the Mud

                 Arthur Darley's

11. Mud, Beautiful Mud

12. Song of the Irish Moss

13. The Sea & The Soil

14. Stand to Your Glass