©Gary Fjellgaard

We are vagabond minstrels, seekers of fame
We have sailed round the world, and we have come back again
We have taken our bows, basked in the glory
And made our way home from the sea

Islanders, Islanders right to the bone
How can we wander so far from our home
With our true love beside us, we are kissed by the sea
Islanders we'll always be

Like an ancient old fortress, she hangs in the mist
She's the fairest of homelands that's ever been kissed
She's the soul of a poet, and the heart of a sailor
And she's calling for you and for me


Now sometimes the wind, like the wail of a banshee
A howling nor'easter, she'll pound at your door
But safe is the harbour, free is the anchor
I never go sailing no more, at least not too far from the shore