Born in Saskatchewan, I grew up in Edmonton, Alberta.  I started playing music on the accordion, taking lessons from age 7 - 12, competing in various music festivals along the way.  The mathematics of a keyboard makes music make sense, and the accordion adds bass and chords "accompaniment" with the left hand.

It was an invaluable way to learn music.  Here I am in 1963.

But then along came The Beatles, and there was no room in a rock and roll band at that time for an accordion!


My first band was called "A Little Bit O'Heat".  There were three guitar players, of which I was the least proficient, so I became the bass player.  Just before my 16th birthday , I invested in a Hofner "Beatle Bass" which I have to this day (probably my most prized possession!)

my Hofner & VOX

"Super Beatle" amp                                   Left to right:  Bob Goodale, Gordon Belsher,

Terry McGregor, Don Williams, Brian Tripp 1964-1967




Shortening the name to "The Heat", we became a four piece group:

Terry McGregor - lead vocals & keyboard, Don Williams - drums, Brian Tripp - guitar & vocals, and Gordon Belsher on bass & vocals.  We had outfits made for us, and constructed a portable riser for the drummer.  On March 2, 1968, we opened for "The Who" at the Edmonton Gardens!



The Who













In 1969, Randy Broadhead joined as vocalist.

Randy Broadhead, Don Williams

Gordon Belsher, Brian Tripp



"The Heat" played a lot around western Canada, and we had this dream of going to England to see what we could do there.

We saved up our money, and booked a crossing by ship taking along our van and gear.  I had my 19th birthday on board the ship.

We ended up living in London for a short time, had a great experience, and returned home with a lot of memories of a lifetime.

(Don Williams left - me on the right at Abbey Road 1969)