A reissue of Gordon's first "solo" recording now available on CD.


Includes favourites "Lanigan's Ball", "Streams of Whiskey", "Ramblin' Rover", "Gumboot Cloggerroo" and a bonus track of "Nellie J. Banks". Guest performers are Charlene Belsher, Margie Carmichael, Steve Sharratt, and Gene Ward.


Track List:

  1.  Lanigan's Ball

  2.  Waxies Dargle

  3.  Cuckoo's Nest / Hey Jude

  4.  Jack Haggerty

  5.  Rough Pavement

  6.  Streams of Whisky

  7.  Gumboot Cloggeroo

  8.  Butterfly

  9.  Ramblin' Rover

10.  Mud, Beautiful Mud

11.  O'Carolan's Draught

12.  This is My Island

13.  Nellie J. Banks